How can I add FTP sub-accounts to my account?

To do this you would login to Plesk as the Administrator of the website then click on the icon called "FTP management" .

Once in FTP management you will see an icon "Add new sub-account" . Click this icon to go to the next screen.
(If this icon is greyed out contact our support team to have this feature enabled)

When the next page loads up you will have options to add the sub-account:

1) FTP Sub-Account Name: Enter a name for the subaccount (this will be the username you want)

2) Home Directory: click the small folder to locate the folder that you want this user to allow access to

3) Password: this will be the password assigned for this user that you choose

4) Hard disk quota: if left unlimited the user can use up all available disk space allocated to the domain. You can change this amount if you like to limit disk space for the user

5) Read Permission: If you select this only the user can only read files

6) Write Permission: If you select this only the user can only write to the folder

Select both so the user can FTP upload and download files.

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