How to Make Outlook Send and Receive Periodically and at Startup

To have Outlook look for and retrieve new messages automatically on a schedule:


1. Select Tools | Send/Receive | Send/Receive Settings | Define Send/Receive Groups from the menu in Outlook.


2. Highlight the All Accounts group.


3. Make sure Schedule an automatic send/receive every ___ minutes. is checked under Setting for group "All Accounts".Typically, you want the same setting unchecked under When Outlook is Offline.


4. Enter the desired interval for automatic mail retrieval.


5. Click Close.


6. If you want to exclude certain accounts from automatic mail checking:Highlight the All Accounts group in the Send/Receive Groups dialog.


7. Click Edit....


8. Now highlight the account you want to exclude on the left.

Make sure Include the selected account in this group is not checked.


9. Click OK.


Using New... you can then set up a new group that does not include any other accounts and set up a specific schedule for the account not checked during All Accounts send/receive.

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