What support is chargeable and what is free

Mexxus is a dual service hosting provider, offering both hosting services and professional services such as design, development or consultation. This can blur the lines somewhat when it comes to addressing a fault, whether it is designated as a hosting or a development fault.

To help clear this, here is a brief explanation of what is and is not chargeable.

What support is inclusive (FREE)

Hardware replacement
Hardware monitoring (Making sure your service is online)
Infrastructure monitoring
Server monitoring
Server backup

What support is chargeable

Any tasks not identified as being inclusive (free), are deemed chargeable and will be billed by-the-minute as per our standard hourly fees for in office hours support, and emergency rates for out of hours support. Some examples of the types of requests which are chargeable are:

Backup restoration
Editing/adding cron tasks
Site migration
DNS editing
Professional services (design, development or consultation)
Code diagnosis and fault resolution
FTP Account creation
Email account creation
Email/FTP configuration support
Assistance on using control panels or third party applications
Assistance on setting up email in mail programs and mobile PDAs and Smartphones

If you suspect a server-side fault causing your issue, you must first conduct the necessary due diligence to rule out your application/configuration/code being at fault. If we investigate the issue following a support request and identify the issue is caused by your application/configuration/code (ie. not a server-side issue), then the time spent on such will be chargeable.
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