Our team observed an issue with the latest Wordpress update which has caused any websites using WPML to get a white screen.

WPML is aware of this issue and has posted an important message regarding this below.

If you have signed up for the wordpress piece of mind plan you have nothing to worry about since our team can work around this and get your website working fine. If you do not have this plan we recommend contacting our sales department and adding it to your account.

Message from WPML:

Since Wednesday this week, wpml.org has been running slowly, and sometimes even shows connection issues.

This started after WordPress 6.1 came out. It's not a performance problem in WordPress or WPML. WordPress 6.1 introduced a change that requires an update of WPML plugin. And, we're getting about x10 the normal traffic to support and downloads.

We're doing the best we can to ramp up the server to deal with this high load.

If you're trying to access wpml.org in order to download the new version and you're having an issue, we recommend that you temporarily return to WordPress 6. This will restore the functionality of your sites.

Of course, we'll manage to deal with this load, but we don't want our clients to stare at a white screen while your own sites are showing errors.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

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