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Troubleshooting the Apple Mail error: “Mail Can’t Verify the Identity…”


A fairly common error with Apple Mail is the error: Mail can’t verify the identity of ““. A typical cause of the issue is that the certificate for this server is invalid. You may also be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put your confidential information at risk. Do not connect to the server if your see that it is connecting to the wrong server.


Troubleshooting the Mac Mail error


When Mac Mail connects to your server, it by default attempts to connect using a SSL connection. On shared servers, the SSL certificate will look similar to Mac mail is throwing an error because it is not seeing a SSL certificate for ““, and instead it is seeing the certificate. This is common, and it is safe to ignore. Click “Connect” to ignore this message and continue. To verify it is a Mexxus certificate, click “Show Certificate“, and you should see it listed.

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