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Please note that Mexxus is in no way affiliated with The Domain Registry of Canada (DROC), IDNS nor Domain Registry of America, and this page is provided as a service to our customers who may be confused by these notices. These notices are not coming from Mexxus and are an attempt to have you transfer your domain names away from Mexxus.



The practice of "domain slamming" is becoming more pronounced recently. We attribute it largely to desperation. Some of the larger, more complacent registrars are facing customer defections of epidemic proportions, while other, smaller, unproven or un-reputable operations seem to want a short-cut to market share. In either case the result is a series of what we consider to be deceptive and (in some cases) borderline fraudulent practices.



Here are a few important points to remember regarding your domain names here:



• Mexxus never sends renewal notices via postal mail. We do everything digitally via email. If it came in your postal mail and pertains to your domain, it is likely from a solicitation from a competitor (even if it looks like an invoice).



The "invoices" may look "official", yet they are merely advertisements or solicitations, and rather misleading ones at that. Further below is an example of the the "invoice" type of solicitation making the rounds:

•  Renewing your domain via one of these solicitations will remove you from our service. In many cases your DNS will stop working, your website will be unavailable and your email will cease forwarding.

• If you do remain on our nameservers while your registrar moves elsewhere, you will be paying fees to two different places, to them for your domain renewal, and to us for your Web Hosting. Many people move their registrar to us for precisely the opposite reason: to consolidate their domain related billing into one low fee.



What You Can Do

Mexxus began enabling the "Registrar Lock" on all COM/NET/ORG/INFO domains on the system. This lock has been retroactively set for all domains here already and will be set for all new domains coming onto the system. Any attempt to transfer the domain away will fail until that lock is cleared, and it can only be cleared by you through your Mexxus member settings. There is no additional cost for this, it is now a standard feature of all domain packages here.



Further Reading and Links

The issue is receiving media coverage lately:



Competition Bureau Issues Warning to Canadians About Misleading Mailings for Internet Domain Name Registrations - this is a warning issued by the Canadian federal Competition Bureau about the Domain Registry of Canada, back when they were calling themselves "The Internet Registry of Canada"


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